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Is commercial flooring entrancing? Alluring? Sexy? We’re talking flooring here folks. Commercial flooring to be exact, so no mindless fanciful thinking, okay?  Entrancing, alluring  flooring that is not only long-lasting and durable, it’s affordable too, and when it is used to perk up a business, it’s divine inspiration.

What at one time was barely considered has become one of the style-conscious decisions any company can make.  If you wish to make a sizable new impression on your business space, a new commercial floor is the answer.  In the old days it was concrete slabs with vinyl tile or carpet has become variety of imaginings.

Today there are more choices than ever, so why stick with traditional, boring floors at your place of business. Even factory floors can have some pizazz, it that’s your intention.  Whether a physician or dental office, the main hallway of a major medical center, or just about anywhere image is important, you’ll want to investigate the styles, variety of solutions and great installation techniques a new commercial floor can bring to your professional look. You can turn dull and uninspiring client meeting space into a showplace.

How many times have you noticed the floor when out shopping, running an errand, or simply having lunch?  Not as often as you might think I would venture a guess, at least of that you are aware.  Sure, the floor is not what you seek when entering a business, you typically only notice it when it is dirty, outdated of well worn.  Am I right?  Well, I also guess you’ve noticed a shiny, well maintained wooden floor glimmering beneath your feet as well. Or a waiting room where the carpet is luxurious, carefully selected to match the window treatments, furniture and office style will most certainly have caught your eye.  Yet again, when an interesting woodgrain look to the floor that produces no heel clicks or other foot traffic sounds.  Commercial floors have come a long way since the bare concrete or industrial tile walkways.

What do you think of when you see either great or ugly flooring in an establishment?  My educated opinion is that you subliminally make a note of the company, and your overall view of them is skewed in either direction, positive or negative.  Image matters for customers, the public in general, your staff and yourself.  People feel better about where they shop, visit, dine at or work when the surroundings, including the flooring is appealing, fresh and well maintained, even if they are not obvious to the fact.  People may not outright comment on the condition of the floor outright.  In general, humans inherently expect clean, but if dirty or worn out shows, they will make a mental note of it, wrapped in a mental frown.  When it is positively noteworthy however, people take notice too, placing a mental smiley face next to the company brand.

There are so many selections from which to choose, it boggles the mind.  Depending on the area to receive the upgrade, a new commercial floor can make a resounding difference in both the sight and feel of the space.

Car dealershipSexy Body, Solid Footing

Take an automobile showroom floor for example.  It can sparkle with a new look, and do so affordably. Can you imagine new autos under the showroom lights sitting atop just as lustrous a new flooring solution geared to highlight what it showcases?  Your dealer brand is something you’ve been building for years, so why not make it look its best by adding an extra touch of class and updated decor?

An auto dealership with an outstanding showroom helps sell cars, there’s no doubt about it. Take the example of this beauty above, and notice the flooring too.  Do you think the car would show as well if it were sitting on carpet? Doubtful.

I can’t guarantee you’ll sell more cars, but I do know that your sales people, your customers and would be “Lookie Lou’s will notice how hip your dealership is when bright, shiny flooring is beneath their feet and your best selection items. It feels good to look your best, and a new flooring treatment may be just the ticket.

Types of Commercial Flooring

The look you are after may not come directly to mind, and that’s why we recommend spending time with your design professional or an independent dealer that offers a wide selection of flowing options.  Installed correctly, your flooring will enhance the space for both beauty, safety and durability. Slip and fall accidents are always a concern in the business world as everywhere else, so choosing a commercial flooring solution that addresses all of the safety, durability, look and style that best suits the environment in which it will be used.   Being practical yet appealing needs to be a well-thought-out consideration, so take your time when trying to decide what will accomplish your commercial flooring goals.

commercial-flooring carpet tiles

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Carpet and Carpet Tile – These options are ideal to insulate from noise; offices, waiting rooms, hotels and hospital waiting rooms. There are literally hundreds of styles, colors and patterns that there is no problem coordinating other accoutrements in the space. Industrial grade carpeting is every bit as appealing as something generally reserved for homes, so don’t feel like you have to give up style, comfort or décor when making flooring decisions for your company.


Carpet tiles are versatile and affordably useful to create a look by creating inset patterns of more than one color or texture. Consider utilizing a darker inset pattern surrounded by a lighter and offset pattern to create a formal sitting area come to life. The great thing about commercial grade carpet tiles is that if one were to get damaged, they can be lifted out and replaced with relative ease, saving and extending the life of the flooring solution for that space.

One of its chief disadvantages is staining however. It’s an easy solution that can improve the look and functionality of your business.

Tip: When selecting carpet or carpet tile be sure to use complementary styles and color schemes to address each space in which you’ll employ it.  These are insulating for sound and easy on the feet.


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Stained Concrete – This is not your grandfather’s concrete flooring.  You know, the factory floor look, and home improvement warehouses floors (even if they’re shined) cannot be compared to what is possible in this day and age.  However, this is not a project to be taken lightly, or taken on lightly.  It is simply not easy, despite what you may have seen on television, or read about in stain company brochures.  It takes experience and expertise, two commodities that the average DIY person typically lack.

But the look is fantastic, performed by professionals. Even pros sometimes have difficulty, so if you plan on utilizing this solution for your commercial space, make sure you check references, view past projects and double check the guarantees and warranties before making a selection.

Tip:  Prior to beginning, make sure your contractor prepares the surface as though you were preparing for surgery on your own body.  Defects, imperfections and soil, oils, and anything that can negatively affect the finish have got to be addressed.

conderellavinyl plank flooring

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Vinyl Flooring – Whether sheet vinyl or tile, VCT (vinyl composition tile) vinyl flooring offers long-lasting performance, making it a popular commercial flooring type for businesses with high foot traffic, such as hospitals or retail stores. When properly installed by professionals, vinyl flooring is resilient and resistant to damage, including dents and scratches. Not only that, but vinyl flooring can also be stylish, coming in many different colors and designs. For a quick solution that lasts, vinyl is a great solution, and it comes in a full spectrum of colors and styles.

Tip: The resiliency and durability of vinyl flooring is not only low=maintenance but versatile and quite affordable.  You cannot go wrong with the right selection of a vinyl solution.

rubber flooring

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Commercial Rubber Flooring – When it comes to commercial flooring for very high traffic areas, such as a restaurant, airports, and health care facilities, we recommend a rubber flooring option. This eco-friendly product is made from recycled materials like tries and other rubber waste materials, so you’re not only creating a great functional solution to your commercial flooring needs, you’re helping the environment at the same time.  Its finish is built in, requires no waxing, is long-lasting and very low maintenance.  It comes in a variety of colors and styles, and the installation is quick and easy.

Tip:  If you are looking for a slip-resistant, sound absorbing floor product, you can’t go wrong with a rubber floor for great functionality and carries a lifetime warranty.

  • 3d-bathroom-floor-ideas-art-and-self-leveling-floorSelf-Leveling Poured Flooring – There are great solutions for placing a new flooring solution by pouring self-leveling products on uneven, pitted or cracked floors to create a wonderful, comfortable solution. Whether uneven or damaged, these treatments are simply some of the best “soft” flooring solutions for spaces that require the look and feel of industrial space.  These liquid solutions come in a number of varieties, including a treatment for when imperfections remain after the first attempt.  They are versatile, easily maintained, and affordable as well.

Tip:  When electing to use a self-leveling solution, make sure to follow instructions to the letter, as improper mixing or installation may result in imperfections like bubbling, or uneven surfacing over cracks or damaged areas.  Should that occur, a topical treatment is available that rectifies any imperfections.

hardwood flooring

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Hardwood Flooring – If you desire the finest look, nothing beats a custom hardwood floor for any commercial space. If your budget allows, and your traffic count is not overbearing, hardwood flooring can make your office, shop, restaurant or other commercial space look magnificent.  The assortment is wide, and includes Bamboo, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Birch and Hickory, but there are a lot of options beyond the traditional.

Hardwood flooring makes a statement, but it can be easily damaged, despite its hardwood name.  Water damage can create warping, buckling and what’s known as cupping, when the boards curl in on themselves from the edges.  Engineered hardwood flooring can maintain its finish easier, but natural solid hardwood can be sanded if and when damage occurs.  Engineered flooring can typically only handle one refinish sanding, as the pre-finished layer is a veneer.

Commercial wood flooring takes the same amount of care as the wood flooring you may have in your home, so product, installation cost and maintenance should be taken into account when deciding on a hardwood floor for your business.

Tip: If you seek a traditional, high-profile look, nothing surpasses hardwood flooring. Whether engineered flooring or solid hardwood, you can’t go wrong. If, however, traffic wear is a concern, solid hardwood works better as it can be refinished multiple times, as engineered may only allow for a single refinish.


Is Commercial Flooring entrancing? You betcha. For a sexy, affordable and long-lasting commercial flooring solution, there is a lot from which to choose, and it may require some serious thought.  No hurry, because when you do decide to create an updated look for your business, it is best to review all of the options, consider your budget, they type of business you are, and what would make the greatest functionality and look for the price.

We’re on hand to consult with you at length to walk through the different options, review our samples and request any additional information you may require from the manufacturers. We’re ready when you are, so drop by or give us a call, we’d be happy to assist.