Commercial Flooring

Flooring Foundation is an independent provider of all of the industries options of commercial flooring choices.

There are many options of commercial flooring materials, to achieve the perfect look. Flooring Foundation can provide a vast selection of flooring solutions including:

Commercial Carpet

Carpet tiles and Broadloom. Flooring Foundations has the full access to the choices offered in commercial carpeting – and the installers to make sure they get installed correctly in your space. Carpeting is a textile that adds warmth, beauty, and an immediate improvement to the interior atmosphere in your building.

Vinyl tiles

Flooring Foundation offers a full range of vinyl tiles – that take on all types of designs from wood grains, to stone, to decorative concrete, to the standard Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT). There are thousands of choices of options to make your space warmer and more efficient.

Sheet Vinyl, epoxy and other seamless flooring

There are several hard surface floor options that are not only decorative, but highly functional to support specific needs of a space. Many operating rooms require sheet vinyl that is flashed up walls to create a non-porous floor surface. Labs and warehouses choose performance epoxy floors for their workloads.

Polished concrete

Polished concrete is the process of transforming a bare concrete slab to a finished floor by bringing out the natural beauty of the concrete. The rough concrete is refined by a methodical multi-step process that adds hardness, high shine, and brings out the natural characteristics of aggregates that are in the concrete. The finished product is beautiful, sustainable, and easy to maintain. We have the option of controlling the ultimate appearance through a poured top coating that can have its own coloring and aggregate choices.


With such a great selection, proven service, and competitive prices Flooring Foundation is your one-stop for everything in the world of commercial flooring. We have worked hard over the years to earn your trust.

Carpeted office by Flooring Foundation
Auto dealership flooring by Flooring Foundation
Office flooring by Flooring Foundation
Office flooring by Flooring Foundation
Office flooring by Flooring Foundation

Here is what a few of our clients have to say…

I am always grateful for contractors who are reliable, prompt and offer great customer service. Flooring Foundation is one of those contractors. We have been doing business with Flooring Foundation for over 8 years.
Carolyn, Property Manager