Maintenance & Restoration

The ultimate in protection of your flooring investment

Flooring Foundation goes beyond recommending and installing commercial flooring and provides the services necessary to keep your environment clean, safe and beautiful.

Commercial carpet cleaning and restoration

Flooring Foundation has a broad offering of commercial carpet cleaning and other, related maintenance programs for all commercial flooring materials.

Our experts will evaluate and audit all the commercial flooring in your facility to ensure that the proper methods are in effect to maximize the full life cycle of your flooring in peak condition.

Waxing and specialty coatings for tile floors

The overall performance of your tile flooring is enhanced by the application of surface coatings.  Waxes and high performance coatings adds a level of protection from rigorous traffic, while make your flooring more attractive though higher gloss, better slip resistance, and more cost effective maintenance.

Lobby and bathroom restoration

The cost of renovating bathroom spaces or lobbies can be expensive, but dyeing the grout, and treating the stone and tiles can restore these spaces with an overnight face-lift.

Ceramic Tile and stone restoration

Most types of ceramic and stone have a textured surface that can be difficult to fully clean and restore. Additionally, the grout that is used is porous and can trap degrees of soiling in the grout.  Our restoration services allow of us to deep clean all the texturing and grout – or even to dye the grout for a new overall aesthetic.

Slip resist applications for safety

There are slip resist methods that can added to your existing flooring – without changing the way they appear – to decrease the potential for slip falls in your entrances and at risk areas in your commercial environment.  The provide the process of etching with allows for a safer environment where slipperiness may be a concern.

Bathroom renovation by Flooring Foundation
Overnight bathroom face-lift
Protect your flooring investment
Clean, safe restroom

Here is what a few of our clients have to say…

With little disruption and inconvenience, Flooring Foundation greatly exceeded our expectation. Our office has never looked better! We’ll definitely be back for future flooring needs.
Stacey, Head of Operations
I am always grateful for contractors who are reliable, prompt and offer great customer service. Flooring Foundation is one of those contractors. We have been doing business with Flooring Foundation for over 8 years.

I strongly recommend Flooring Foundation to anyone who needs a new floor installed, be it carpet or tile.

Carolyn, Property Manager