Commercial Flooring Services

Go beyond “shopping” for flooring

Flooring Contract Supply Group.

Flooring foundation performs the services of a third party contract administrator for national agreements between end users and their material contracts with manufacturers. When agreements are made between end users and manufacturers, the execution services of proper estimation of materials, order management, on time deliveries are essential components that are managed by this contract service.  These services are followed up with accountability reports to ensure that prices negotiated with the manufacturer actually hits the project.

Flooring consultation. 

Commercial flooring is like any other industry – innovations in function, design, valued price points, and color choices move at light speed. Flooring products are engineered for all types of application – but understanding the challenges of a commercial environment will lead to the best product selections – at the budget of the project. Having over 25 years in the flooring industry, I can help to consult – to help you select the best products for your environment. There’s a lot to choose from – let me show you what out there!

Installation services.

Flooring Foundation has profession installers who are highly acquainted with the trade of proper installation. Sourcing the correct materials for the right application is important, however, the installation of those products using correct protocols is the key to a successful flooring experience. 

Carpeted office by Flooring Foundation
Tile flooring from Flooring Foundation
Factory flooring from Flooring Foundation

Here is what a few of our clients have to say…

I am always grateful for contractors who are reliable, prompt and offer great customer service. Flooring Foundation is one of those contractors. We have been doing business with Flooring Foundation for over 8 years.

I strongly recommend Flooring Foundation to anyone who needs a new floor installed, be it carpet or tile.

Carolyn, Property Manager
With little disruption and inconvenience, Flooring Foundation greatly exceeded our expectation. Our office has never looked better! We’ll definitely be back for future flooring needs.
Stacey, Head of Operations